Our company boasts more than 25 years experience in the manufacturing of packaging machines  & plants, with a job experience background built over 40 years.
We design and manufacture customized flow-pack machines and automatic product feeding systems for fulfilling any specific customer need.

Our long lasting know-how and experience in the field of packaging make us able to supply to our current and future customers highly safe and reliable machines,made with a cutting-edge tecnology and the most advanced components.

We're able this way to ensure the purchasing of an excellently operative machine suitable to work and produce for a long time.


                                                                                                                                     Our machines


Our products range is remarkable as features and variety,and most of all able to accept and respond to the needs of a broad customer range, going from the craftsman to the big industry.

We manufacture machines and plants for the packaging of the following goods:

  • Food: i.e. bakery products,fresh pasta,salami,fruit,dairy products and 4th range products (vegetable in general).
  • Non-food products: i.e. doors handles and cosmetics products, taps with mechanic or plastic details,and others.
  • Packaging of medical devices in clean rooms, i.e. catheters,wet wipes, breathalyzers.
  • Packaging of bags for (disposable and normal) cutlery open by one side or totally closed.
  • Packaging of bulk liquids in general.

All the products can be packed singularly or in number,in pans or trays.
The same can be stored in normal atmosphere, with alcohol,retention liquids or in atmosphere modified by inert gases.

Being the customer satisfaction our goal and key, under this purpose robypak provides a pre-sales support, installation,start-up and maintenance for the entire plant life.

Besides the desing and manufacturing of new packaging machine, we're able to carry out partial or total overhaul on machines also supplied by other companies upgrading them with the latest available tecnologies, thus allowing the customer to enjoy an always efficient and safe as newly purchased product.

We can also do modifications for a possible change of the size format to pack,to supplied as well,therefore minimizing the waiting time and the machine downtime.


We’ll be at your complete disposal calling the number 0039.0445.576212 or writing to